Basic Services

Stage 1 – Feasibility:

A representative from CWO Design Studios will visit the property and offer advice and suggestions as to whether your ideas are feasible or within your budget scope. They will advise on the various approvals and consents that might be required. They will also detail the services we can offer and our charges. We offer the first hour free.
If you would like to appoint us, we will write to you to confirm the scope of works set out in the form of a letter of appointment.


Stage 2 – Outline Proposals:
Once our appointment has been confirmed, we would visit the property and undertake a measured building survey so that a set of plans and elevations of the current layout of the property may be produced. Depending on the size of the property this will cost you between £200 – £800.

From this set of technical drawings, we will then prepare a sketch design based on your given requirements and visit you to discuss our ideas further. Further sketch designs and discussions with you will continue until you are happy with the design proposals. Depending on the size and type of work this will cost you between £300 – £1000.


Stage 3 – Planning Permission Submission:
Once the sketch scheme has been agreed with you, we will prepare detailed drawings to enable a planning application to be submitted to the Local Authority if required. Our cost for preparing these detailed drawings will be between £300 – £600.


Local Authority:
Once the planning application is submitted we would normally anticipate the Local Authority to decide on the application within an 8-12 week period. A fee is payable to the Local Authority which is dependent on the size and type of project but is likely to be
between £72 – £335. At no point can we guarantee the granting of Planning Permission.


Stage 4 – Building Regulation Submission:
Once Planning has been granted, we will require Building Regulation Approval i order for building works to start on the site. This is a set of more technical drawings which shows the Local Authority how the project is to be constructed and how the various technical requirements are to be met. Depending on the nature of the project this will cost you between £600 – £1800.


Structural Engineer:
There may also be requirement to appoint and pay for the services of a Structural Engineer to provide necessary supporting calculations to the Local Authority.
Local Authority:

There is also a further fee payable to the Local Authority of between £200 – £500 which is due after the
work has commenced on site.

Additional costs will included printing of drawings and access to OS Location Maps which on a typical project would be in the order of £45 – £85.


A full list of fees will be discussed in full after out initial correspondence wit you.